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Diploma in Audio and Video Editing Course in Karol Bagh RK Films and Media Academy provides you a Audio and Video Editing Course. In any Video and Film Production Video Editing is the most important element. Editing is the gathering of Video Clips filmed and organizes it in order on Video Editing software to polish the flow of the story. It is the key to merging sounds and images to make the viewers feel connected emotionally. This job is the most essential in the film and Video Industry. Today there are Editing Software’s available that is more beneficial and productive using a desktop or laptop. You can easily remove unwanted shots, Retouch Audio, effects and transitions can be added as well as titles, text effects etc.You can join this Audio Video Editing Course at RKFMA.

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Acting includes a wide scope of skills, including an all around created creative ability, expression, vocal projection, clarity of speech and the ability to interpret drama. RK Films and Media Academy offers Diploma in Acting and Modeling course is helpful to build up these abilities. Students regularly opt for successful in film & TV. This program is intended to give you the learning and abilities to execute as a performing artist to professional industry standards whether in TV, film, shows, serials and many more. The course helps to prepare you for professional life.

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Diploma in Direction and Filmmaking Course RK Films and Media Academy offer Diploma in Direction and Filmmaking Course, objective of this Course is to create complete knowledge of Filmmaking. Here, at RK Filmmaking Institute, we believe in passion of Filmmaking where Student will have classes of theory with more Practical Session of technical workflow of filmmaking process, budgeting, Pitching ideas, Financing and Production Models, Crew Structure, Fundamental of idea with Editing and Dubbing Procedure, Knowledge of music and Sound Mixing, T.V channel and Promotion etc. This Filmmaking Programme is conducted by the professional and expert of Direction, Production and Writer. This learning leads to multiple Short Film Projects during the programme with the students of Academy at RK Films and Media Academy. We just don’t create Professional instead we help them to discover their talent and build Perfect Filmmaker in you.

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We are RK Film and Media Academy designed to train people to fit into Voice Culture Course. Voice Culture is 12 session program that will focus Voice Modulation, Better Breath Control, Overcoming Speech Defects, and Exercise for the Pitch, Tone and Level of Voice. Student will have theory class with more Practical Session of how the voice is produced. Exercise to improve the breathing pattern and the use of speech organs and Dubbing Session with Experts. Voice Culture enable us to hear our own Voice as never before, this Training Process help us to Self-analyze and Self-Observe on our Voice Modulation Techniques. The training program discusses ways to improve and puts individual on a path to continue learning process and development in Voice Exercise.

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We are RK Films and Media Academy designed to train people to fit into various Voice Modulation and Radio Jockey Course including TV News Reading and Anchoring. At RKFMA when we teach Radio Jockey Course, we make sure that students understand the in-depth detail of Radio, T.V News Reading and Anchoring, the context of the content and the method in which it served to the student. To give practical Experience we train students on Radio and Anchoring set up. We train them with the most advanced, effective and the tested techniques under the guidance of highly professional, proficient teacher who are gurus in their respective fields.

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The Sound Engineering and Music Production course offered at RKFMA. It's a short term Certificate course where you will learn audio concept and Sound Engineering behind Music Production. The course present information in a systematic and detailed format from the basic of audio and sound module. You will learn Introduction of Sound, recording Method, Concept of microphone, audio editing techniques and its related concept, sound design, Mixing and Mastering to produce music. Our system of teaching is very systematic and conducted by our professional trainers of this field. RKFMA Sound Engineering course aims to train the student in the high standard of recording and music production and scale up their professionalism to meet the expectation of the audio and music industry.

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Build Your Career in Filmmaking Course in Delhi RK Films and Media Institute offer Diploma in Filmmaking Course, objective of this Course is to create completed knowledge of Filmmaking. This Program is conducted by the professional and expert of Direction, Production and Writer. To make this course more interesting instructor will share some noted film script that will help student to understand the subject and the art even better.

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Diploma in Acting Course RKFMA, Institute of Acting Offers Diploma as well as Advanced Diploma for student who want to conquer the Film, TV and Cinema by earning their career in the field of Acting and Modelling. Through this Programe, theory is balanced with Practical Session, Camera Facing Acting, Voice Over Technique, Face Expression, Character Observation and Imagination, Diction, Voice Modulation, Scene Improvisation, Miming and how to deliver Dialogue. Student will spend good time performing, in both classroom exercise as well as Dubbing Studio exercise and Short Film Projects with in-depth classroom exercise on Camera Facing Acting, Voice and body Movement with Industry guidance. Admission Open in Acting Course. Regular and Weekend Classes available.

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Film Direction Course near Patel Nagar Becoming an Director, it’s still important to work on your skills and to seek professional guidance. While everyone will need different skills based on the position they’d like to have on set, for filmmakers. It’s important to at least know what a good shot looks like and how to achieve it, including framing, staging, lighting, and the actual technology that should be used. Having some technical understanding of every piece of the Filmmaking process is imperative; this includes Camerawork, lighting, sound, special effects, design, Post-Production Processes and more.To achieve new heights in life then you can join Direction For Films and TV Course at RK Films & Media Academy (RKFMA).

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RKFMA Films & Media Academy offers you a one year diploma in Acting & Direction course which helps the understudy to enhance and turn into an expert performing artist. No one is a conceived capable, but right guidance can make anyone a sparkling star. During the course period you can learn Dance, Make-Up, Fight & Stunt, Modelling, Camera facing, knowledge of Pre-Production, Post Production, shot composition, camera functions, sense of mixing, dubbing and many more. You can start course, as a weekend class or regular classes at R K Films & Media Academy. After complete this Acting & Direction course you can achieve your goals in different - different industry like TV Serial, Film Industry, Theatre, Talent Hunt Show, Print media, Production work, Advertisement, Ramp Modelling, Fashion Shows and many more. Come and visit our R K Films & Media Academy it is in the Karol Bagh walking distance to Rajendra Place Metro Station.