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Diploma in Acting Course RKFMA, Institute of Acting Offers Diploma as well as Advanced Diploma for student who want to conquer the Film, TV and Cinema by earning their career in the field of Acting and Modelling. Through this Programe, theory is balanced with Practical Session, Camera Facing Acting, Voice Over Technique, Face Expression, Character Observation and Imagination, Diction, Voice Modulation, Scene Improvisation, Miming and how to deliver Dialogue. Student will spend good time performing, in both classroom exercise as well as Dubbing Studio exercise and Short Film Projects with in-depth classroom exercise on Camera Facing Acting, Voice and body Movement with Industry guidance. Admission Open in Acting Course. Regular and Weekend Classes available.

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Film Direction Course near Patel Nagar Becoming an Director, it’s still important to work on your skills and to seek professional guidance. While everyone will need different skills based on the position they’d like to have on set, for filmmakers. It’s important to at least know what a good shot looks like and how to achieve it, including framing, staging, lighting, and the actual technology that should be used. Having some technical understanding of every piece of the Filmmaking process is imperative; this includes Camerawork, lighting, sound, special effects, design, Post-Production Processes and more.To achieve new heights in life then you can join Direction For Films and TV Course at RK Films & Media Academy (RKFMA).

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RKFMA Films & Media Academy offers you a one year diploma in Acting & Direction course which helps the understudy to enhance and turn into an expert performing artist. No one is a conceived capable, but right guidance can make anyone a sparkling star. During the course period you can learn Dance, Make-Up, Fight & Stunt, Modelling, Camera facing, knowledge of Pre-Production, Post Production, shot composition, camera functions, sense of mixing, dubbing and many more. You can start course, as a weekend class or regular classes at R K Films & Media Academy. After complete this Acting & Direction course you can achieve your goals in different - different industry like TV Serial, Film Industry, Theatre, Talent Hunt Show, Print media, Production work, Advertisement, Ramp Modelling, Fashion Shows and many more. Come and visit our R K Films & Media Academy it is in the Karol Bagh walking distance to Rajendra Place Metro Station.

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DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 6 MONTHS CERTIFICATE COURSES In Order to market our products or services we are in need of an intermediate medium to reach to the customers. Digital marketing here stands as a medium between the developer and the consumer in order to increase the sales, target, and audience by using differet strategic ways.

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PG DIPLOMA IN MASS COMMUNICATION 1 YEAR PG DIPLOMA IN MASS COMMUNICATION COVERING ASPECTS OF PRINT JOURNALISM & BROADCAST MEDIA, COURSE OFFERED IN NEW DELHI "Mass Communication is the term used to describe the academic study of various means by which individuals and entities relay information to large segments of the population all at once through mass media. It is usually understood to relate to newspaper and magazine publishing, radio, television, and film, as they are used both for disseminating news and for advertising.

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PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES AND DLSR CAMERA LEARNING COURSE RKFMA's Institute of Photography invites avid learners to join its completely revamped photography classes. The Photography institute at RKFMA offers various courses under the professional guidance of experienced teachers. working professionals to students already pursuing traditional degree & diploma programs.

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WRITING COURSE CLASSES CREATIVE WRITING, SCRIPT WRITING & CONTENT WRITING COURSES DELHI Whatever your eventual writing ambitions may be, a wide range of comprehensive courses are the excellent way to begin with. You can do it part-time or just by sitting at home. The most important point at this stage, however, is to get the basics right & an aptitude for writing and that is what is offered by the following different courses offered by R. K. Films & Media Academy. The courses are beneficial for the masses, professionals & students of various streams as communication forms an indispensible part for any organization.

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DIPLOMA IN VIDEO EDITING & VISUAL EFFECTS FOR FILMS, TV (VIDEOS) VIDEO EDITING COURSE INCLUDING LEARNING COMPOSITING SKILLS FOR VIDEO EFFECTS There has been an increase in demand for video editing professionals in media industry due to an increase in the number of production houses, TV channels, film companies, ad agencies, online video sites like YouTube etc. The course is designed in such a manner so as to provide its audience with advanced knowledge related to video and movie editing. Today, video editors are required to have professional bent of mindset which should be, simultaneously, creative while working on different projects.

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EDITING & VISUAL EFFECTS NON-LINEAR EDITING COURSES NON-LINEAR AUDIO/VIDEO EDITING DIPLOMA COURSES AND SHORT-TERM CLASSES FOR TV & FILMS IN NEW DELHI (INDIA) Editing involves not only "the cut"; instead, the job is very much tedious & highly creative. The non-linear video editing courses offered at the R K Films & Media Academy in New Delhi are taught using Avid, Adobe, FCP, Sony Vegas. Various packages on audio & sound editing may be learned through Nuendo, Sound Forge, and Audition. Not only this, you may choose short-term course on visual compositing & special effects as well through Combustion & After Effects.