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Turn a deaf ear to people telling you that you cannot achieve what you have been dreaming about. The golden key to your hallway of Photography dreams is right here. We understand the difference between a normal photographer and the one who connects with the world. Don’t wait for bringing out the best in your Photography skills by getting the real exposure here at RK Films. Get your Photography right by booking a seat today for Jesus And Mary College Certification Course In Camera & Photography. Want to know more about our in house production studios where we deliver our Photography Courses and teach you about camera lightning?
Our BJMC or Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication is an essentially 3-year program, which is offered by most of the universities. This program is customized especially to train and motivate students aspiring to become a Journalist and Media Manager. Our Journalism and Mass Communication Course is structured to nurture raw talent in a conducive environment. By and large, our program lets you broaden your horizon and interact with a wider audience. We will also give the right amount of exposure, where you can excel and develop character by observing the industry veterans and leaders. The on-job training in the form of internships and the detailed theory in real essence prepares you mentally to take the necessary stand. Our Course will teach you about what is needed to make a career in the field of News Anchoring, News Reading, Editing, handling camera, writing a report and so forth. In the end, you are fully trained and infused with the right tactics, which then lets you sustain a career in this challenging profession.
Our Video Editing Institute facilitates training in different types of software from Avid Liquid to Final Cut Pro. Our Video Editing and Visual Effects Course will motivate you to think creatively, will make your eyes sharp for details and will make your mind more analytical. Our Video Editing Classes will be impactful in terms of learning fundamental as well as aesthetic principles of film and television editing. With our diploma course in Video Editing, you will gain knowledge on right cut and right frame composition.
If you dream of asserting yourself in the glamour world, basking in the lime light, having your share of glory, fame and fortune then you are at the right place. We provide you with Certificate Courses in Acting and Modelling for Film and TV Actor. for more Information and other courses details.
With the aim to provide students with theoretical and practical training in Journalism, enhance research in Journalism and the Mass Media, as well as reinforce the efforts made to safeguard the rights of Journalists. Our School of Journalism and Mass Communications offers a UG Degree in Journalism and Mass Media. for more details.
The golden key to your hallway of Photography dreams is right here. From Camera Lighting to Photograph Editing we have all. RK Films And Media Academy provides you excellent courses of your choice to understand Still Photography and Video Cinematography. RK Films and Media Academy also ensures that these Courses are done at your ease by either Correspondence or Distance Mode. Want to grab the best deals?
RK Films and Media Academy has a leading name in the education industry for Media and Entertainment. RK Films and Media Academy provides different choices for their students according to their convenience. We offer Correspondence as well as Distance Mode courses. If you want to become a Professional Photographer with an excellent knowledge in Camera Lightning, Still Photography and Video Cinematography, we’re the one stop solution for all. Want to book a seat right now?
We believe Photography is a story which can not be conveyed through words. We will make you realise your inner vision to become a Professional Photographer and connect with the outside world. A photograph can speak volumes only if you click it in the right angle and frame. Our Basic Photography Course and Professional Photography Course will give you a huge exposure on how you can play with the subject and object in a photograph by light adjustment and camera tricks. Cover different types of events in your town and become a highly demanding Photographer. To get yourself registered for Short Time or Part Time Basic Photography Course and Professional Photography Course.
Social Media and Marketing these days have the power to flourish a business to another level. Our Social Media Marketing and Promotions Course will be the most righteous way to understand the secret of how it can make or break a business. If you want to become a successful Media Manager or Copy Writer or Content Writer then our course is specially designed to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Our Social Media Marketing and Promotions Course is realistic and recommendable because it will give you an extensive exposure to upcoming challenges and trends in the field. We will give you the real deal about how you’ll be the prime controller of any business as a Media Manager or a Copy Writer. Get yourself registered soon for our Social Media Marketing and Promotions Course as the admissions are open for Short Term or Part Time.