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The main purpose of Journalism is to inform the masses through different medium of communication. Although newspapers and magazines were once the most popular way to stay informed on these subjects, television newscasts quickly became popular after televisions are found in nearly every home. Today, with the popularity of the internet, news and journalistic websites are also rapidly becoming popular as well. There are a number of ways that a journalist can gather information and get all the facts for a story. With our TV Journalism Course, you will learn different ways of gathering information through human interest, investigative and, feature stories. Our Radio Jockeying, Anchoring and, TV Journalism Course aims to teach the responsibilities for putting all the facts together out of different stories and then reporting it. You will be able to write news stories or other written reports effectively before reporting it.
Social Media Marketing nowadays has the power to make or break a business. Campus of Open Learning in association with RKFMA will make you realise your vision to become a Media Manager. We completely understand the gained importance of Social Media Marketing nowadays. That is why we at RKFMA, along with DU offer you Digital & Social Media Marketing Course which will give you an exposure to different ways of how you can strategize a brand’s turnover business. Admissions are now open for Digital & Social Media Marketing Course. Certificates will be jointly issued by DU and RKFMA once you complete this course. Register yourself as soon as possible because this is an opportunity you surely do not want to miss.
We along with IGNOU offer Theatre Acting Certificate Course which will ultimately help you in acting confidently on stage. We will give you the training you need so that you can improvise your acting skills. The Theatre Acting Certificate Course offered by IGNOU will help you to clearly understand all the aspects of Theatre Acting, why you should act in some ways and why you should not to explain the context of your character. The workshops and practical training offered under the Certificate Course will make you understand the different means to express and communicate emotions. Become an Actor or an Artist by taking our Theatre Acting Certificate Course and understand how you can portray your character effortlessly.
We as one of the major Media and Mass Communication Institute offer you specialised courses like Fine Arts Certificate Course by COL. With the Fine Arts Certificate Course, you can explore and expand the scope of the ways you can communicate through painting, sketching and, drawing. Under COL Certificate Course, we also offer Graphic Designing and Advertising Course so that you learn the different aspects of visual communication. Advertising is one field which will never lose its charm. With the specially designed and practical led training in Graphic Designing Certificate Course you will understand the depth of graphics and how you can use it to bring your creative ideas alive.
Our Theatre Acting and Stage Dramatics Course offers the required practice which is required to equip you to become an Actor and Stage Artist. We teach you ways in which you can sharpen your facial expressions, body gestures, voice and, volume so that you give your best performance. We understand the criticality of getting your acting right at the first time in stage shows. Our Theatre Acting Workshops will make you learn about the techniques of keeping a strong and healthy voice and also memorising the lines
We offer Digital Media Marketing and Ecommerce Course which will give you a basic knowledge on all the main digital marketing techniques. It will help you understand how to make most of the technique through different strategies and practices. With our Digital Media Marketing and Ecommerce Course you will be able to use strategic approaches to get the most out of social media. It will give you an in-depth guide on each of the social media tools and techniques. After successfully completing our Digital Media Marketing and Ecommerce Course, you will be able to define the right content, engagement and, communications strategy.
Our Mass Communication Institute offers Social Media Marketing and Promotions Course which refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Improve your brand’s image by covering different strategies and then learn the best practices using latest statistics and trends. With our Social Media Marketing and Promotions Course, you will realise that social media will help you in transforming marketing for the better. Make the most of power of Social Media Marketing using strategic approaches taught under our Social Media Marketing and Promotions Course.
Our Photography Institute offers Professional Photography Course which will teach you how you can efficiently have more control over the images you take. We offer Photography Workshops which aim to train students on regulating the amount of light and the shutter speed to get the required exposure. Our Professional Photography Course will teach you ways in which you can play with your shutter speed to allow for more or less light to come through. We also teach you various tips and tricks so that you can either overexpose or magnify your image according to your convenience.
You are always that one step away from doing what your gut feeling is telling you to do. We have all the options open for you to become a Journalist and a Reporter. Open your doors to new opportunities by taking an admission in Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & TV Journalism Course and Broadcast Journalism Course. We have paved our way in becoming one of the top Media Academy because we give you these courses certified by Hansraj College and Campus Of Open Learning. Just go for it and take these courses according to your convenience for the certification. To register yourself for Hansraj College Courses and Campus Of Open Learning Courses.