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DIPLOMA IN VIDEO EDITING & VISUAL EFFECTS FOR FILMS, TV (VIDEOS) VIDEO EDITING COURSE INCLUDING LEARNING COMPOSITING SKILLS FOR VIDEO EFFECTS There has been an increase in demand for video editing professionals in media industry due to an increase in the number of production houses, TV channels, film companies, ad agencies, online video sites like YouTube etc. The course is designed in such a manner so as to provide its audience with advanced knowledge related to video and movie editing. Today, video editors are required to have professional bent of mindset which should be, simultaneously, creative while working on different projects.
DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 6 MONTHS CERTIFICATE COURSES In Order to market our products or services we are in need of an intermediate medium to reach to the customers. Digital marketing here stands as a medium between the developer and the consumer in order to increase the sales, target, and audience by using differet strategic ways.
We as one of the top Media Institutes will make you learn about the various challenges that you are likely to confront in Mass Media industry. We also offer campus employment for your secured career as a News Anchor or Journalist. We will make you realise of how you can increase your scope of surviving in this highly competitive profession. Our Mass Communication Courses are available in either Weekend or Part Time or Short time. And if you are looking for Diploma or Certificate Courses, we, at RFMA will even offer you that. Our Media Institute will fulfill all your aspirations to become a promising player in Media industry.
Whether your preferences are to work in front or behind the camera, a Broadcast Journalism career is sure to be a rewarding experience. Keep the public up to date on important matters happening in the world or cover real stories to improve the lives of viewers. Our Journalism Institute will give you the skills and knowledge you need in order to increase your chances of having wide career choices. After completing Broadcast Journalism Course from our institute, you can easily apply for positions in newspaper reporting, TV or radio broadcasting or foreign correspondence.
Attracted to the glamorous Acting and Modeling career and trying your luck to get entry into this field? Acting and modeling is a highly demanding field and only a few make their way out successfully because most of them do not have access to proper information to approach this career. Aspirants can now choose to pursue a certain kind of Acting and Modeling Course according to their choice. Our Acting Institute also offers Acting and Modeling Workshops so that you can kick start your career by working in various mock tv serials, short films and, other programs. We make you realise the attractive aspects of Acting and Modeling Industry and how you can use it to increase your opportunities of finding jobs across various sectors.