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DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 6 MONTHS CERTIFICATE COURSES In Order to market our products or services we are in need of an intermediate medium to reach to the customers. Digital marketing here stands as a medium between the developer and the consumer in order to increase the sales, target, and audience by using differet strategic ways.
By associating with us in order to fulfill your dreams of doing a Course in Journalism and Mass Communication, you will get detailed insights on how communication plays a vital role in creating an effective medium. Our Journalism and Mass Communication Course gives much importance in the understanding of the various perspectives, which then goes a long way to help you know more about the profession and the awaiting challenges. We as one of the top Media and Journalism Institute have a perfect understanding of the prevailing circumstances and the demands of the industry. This in turn helps you to become a with the right tools to make your own mark in the field of journalism.
You can trust in us to groom yourself into an Actor or Model by taking our Regular or Full-time or Part-time Acting and Modelling Course. Gain the power to display emotions and tell stories through different storytelling mediums. And if you are looking to enter the glamour and fame of the Acting and Modeling industry, then our Institute will make you well prepared to take over the challenges faced. We offer different kind of workshops and practical training under Acting and Modelling Course so that you get the wings you deserve to fly high. Become a desirable Film Artist or a ramp, print or TV Model and boost your self esteem by showcasing your talent.
In today’s competitive environment, an individual looking for a break in media industry is required to have an all-round knowledge, though; the students studying our Radio and TV Presentation Course will also have an option of creating a specialization in any of the mediums, Radio or TV and News Anchoring. At our TV Journalism Institute, you will gain knowledge of radio presenting, voice projection, scripting and mic technique. With our Radio and TV Presentation Course, you will learn about how to hold an audience's attention, awareness of voice and its function.
The main purpose of Journalism is to inform the masses through different medium of communication. Although newspapers and magazines were once the most popular way to stay informed on these subjects, television newscasts quickly became popular after televisions are found in nearly every home. Today, with the popularity of the internet, news and journalistic websites are also rapidly becoming popular as well. There are a number of ways that a journalist can gather information and get all the facts for a story. With our TV Journalism Course, you will learn different ways of gathering information through human interest, investigative and, feature stories. Our Radio Jockeying, Anchoring and, TV Journalism Course aims to teach the responsibilities for putting all the facts together out of different stories and then reporting it. You will be able to write news stories or other written reports effectively before reporting it.
There are lakhs of people who want to enter the glamorous field of Acting and Modeling but they are not aware of the qualifications and other criterion required to become an actor or model. With our Acting and Modeling Course you will get an acclaimed position to enter the different circuits of acting and modeling. Approach the career of Acting and Modeling in a proper way and give chance to opportunities to work in theatres, films, television programs and any other storytelling medium.
Why should you be doing a Scriptwriting and Screenplay Course? Every human mind has the power at their disposal to conjure up images but a creative human mind is just not satisfied merely weaving visuals. Let not the creativity just stay inside you. Our Scriptwriting and Screenplay Course will help you express the thoughts through a medium that has appreciable aesthetic appeal. Our Scriptwriting and Screenplay Workshops will take you through the multiple dimensions of expressing and will let you explore. Vent your creative urges and inculcate the requisite skills to become a Scriptwriter with our Scriptwriting and Screenplay Course.