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Diploma in Direction and Filmmaking Course RK Films and Media Academy offer Diploma in Direction and Filmmaking Course, objective of this Course is to create complete knowledge of Filmmaking. Here, at RK Filmmaking Institute, we believe in passion of Filmmaking where Student will have classes of theory with more Practical Session of technical workflow of filmmaking process, budgeting, Pitching ideas, Financing and Production Models, Crew Structure, Fundamental of idea with Editing and Dubbing Procedure, Knowledge of music and Sound Mixing, T.V channel and Promotion etc. This Filmmaking Programme is conducted by the professional and expert of Direction, Production and Writer. This learning leads to multiple Short Film Projects during the programme with the students of Academy at RK Films and Media Academy. We just don’t create Professional instead we help them to discover their talent and build Perfect Filmmaker in you.
With our Scriptwriting and Screenplay Course, you will be able to develop the ideas and concept into a commercially viable screenplay. The Scriptwriting and Screenplay Course is designed for individuals who are seeking to understand the writing process and develop their screen story skills. We also offer creative Scriptwriting workshops which will help you develop your communications skills and also express ideas through beautiful literary pieces. Our Scriptwriting and Screenplay Course will help you inculcate the requisite skills required to be a scriptwriter.
We as one of the major Media and Mass Communication Institute offer you specialised courses like Fine Arts Certificate Course by COL. With the Fine Arts Certificate Course, you can explore and expand the scope of the ways you can communicate through painting, sketching and, drawing. Under COL Certificate Course, we also offer Graphic Designing and Advertising Course so that you learn the different aspects of visual communication. Advertising is one field which will never lose its charm. With the specially designed and practical led training in Graphic Designing Certificate Course you will understand the depth of graphics and how you can use it to bring your creative ideas alive.
Screenplay is the very basis further on which everything takes into shape. While it is feasible to start making a film without a script but it is impossible to complete a film without scripting it. At R K Films & Media Academy we realise the importance of the script and hence we emphasize on Scriptwriting and Screenplay Course so that you understand the other technical aspects of filmmaking like character development, plotting and, scene structure. Our Scriptwriting and Screenplay Course will bring the creative writer out of you and will help you in expressing ideas. You will be able to focus on how different scenes are created and how they come together to function as one whole story or film.
If you have that creative trait and want to polish it further for your career into Advertising and Marketing Communications then here is your place to be. With our Advertising and Marketing Communications Course you will be able to pour all your creativity to generate new and exciting ideas. You will learn the entire advertising process including creative conceptualisation, research, developing strategies, advertising and marketing campaign, media planning and, buying. You will be also able to gain the ability to plan and develop campaigns on multiple platforms. We will also make you realise the importance of meeting deadlines in a professional and creative environment by never compromising on the development of your instincts
Acting for Films, TV, Theatre & Drama and Modelling Actors Express Ideas and Portray Characters in Theater, Film, Television, and other Performing Arts Media. They also work at theme parks or other live events. They interpret a writer's script to entertain or inform an audience.
You are already a creator and designer, a disciplined and innovative thinker who brings ideas to life with graphic designs, photography, broadcasting or animation. If you have basic video editing and computer skills and know your way around Adobe Photoshop and have the diploma under your belt to prove it, you’re ready to expand your skills for the post-production industry with a Post Graduate Certificate in Video Editing and Visual Effects for Contemporary Media. for more details.
Do not be afraid anymore to put on an act and be like someone else. Our Theatre Acting and Dramatics Course will give you deep insights of how you can open up and be comfortable in your own skin. Our Institute will give you an extensive exposure on how you can portray different roles. Our Theatre Acting and Dramatics Course will give you the foundation you deserve in order to groom yourself into an Actor and a Stage or Film Artist. Kill your stage fear and express your ideas when you perform. Get yourself registered soon for the Weekend or Short Time Theatre Acting and Dramatics Course.
Whatever your eventual writing ambitions may be, a wide range of comprehensive courses are the excellent way to begin with. You can do it part time or just by sitting at home. The most important point at this stage, however, is to get the basics right and an aptitude for writing and that is what is offered by our following different courses. The courses are beneficial for the masses, professionals and, students of various streams as communication forms an indispensable part for any organization. Our Creative Writing Course aims to cover different forms of imaginative writing styles like writing for drama (for stage and screen), fiction, poetry, autobiography, etc. Our Creative Writing Course also aims at teaching you about ideas generation, short stories, character and dialogue, family histories, autobiography and, biography.