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Nuendo is designed to serve the needs for everyone producing sound for film, television, video or game. Nuendo is a complete Media Production suite that is capable of handling virtually any audio ask, whether big or small, from simple voice-over recording, music production, broadcast, game sound, and theatrical productions, to full post-production sound for picture. Nuendo was created to meet the demands of working professionals in all genres of audio production. Our Sound Editing Course covers the introduction and basics of nuendo, audio connections, MIDI, mixer VST and plug-ins. Students aspiring to work as studio recordists can apply for our Sound Editing Course.
If you are instinctively drawn to the field of Journalism then here is your place to be. Our Journalism Institute offers you Journalism Courses which is something you have been seeking to give a boost to your career. We know how daunting it is to research and settle for a convenient Journalism Institute. We will make the roadmap to your journalism career smooth and then you can choose your niche out of the many choices of radio, TV, broadcast, social media, content creation etc. The direction you take will depend upon your interest and and skill level. After successfully completing our Journalism Course, you will have a rewarding career by becoming PR professionals or journalists who are highly paid.
If you are committed to make Fine Arts as a part of your life in the future as full time artists, students, working professionals then we are open to just about anyone. Fine Arts refers to any visual art that is created primarily for beauty and meaning in it’s depth. Our Fine Arts Course will make you realise the passion for a particular art. Our Fine Arts Course ensures that you have the adequate foundational knowledge or the potential to selling, purchasing, promoting and, supporting art. If you are interested in immersing yourself in this field and gaining knowledge about your chosen craft or art form, then you are just an admission away from our Institute.
A Journalist is required to bring out the truth, and we understand that it is a challenging task. When you have made up your mind of pursuing a course of Journalism, then you will understand that it is not just about reporting of certain events. The technicalities involved in pursuing Journalism Course can be complicated. We deeply understand the subject and then give you specific expert guidance. Our Journalism Institute has the latest course materials that will help the aspirants to nurture their mind and assist them to become the desired professionals. After successfully passing out from our Journalism Institute, you will be in a position to gather the first-hand knowledge of the evolving circumstances.
Journalism & Mass Communication Weekends, Part Time Courses Delhi The Courses Offered at R K Films & Media Academy in New Delhi Caters to Need of the Wide Group of Audience Which Ranges From Working Professionals to Students Already Pursuing Traditional Degree & Diploma Programs.
TV & FILMS CINEMATOGRAPHY DIPLOMA COURSE The camera & lighting training helps its students theoretically and practically to become efficient and effective videographers & lighting professionals for production houses & news channels. The students of this courses will also get the opportunity to work with steadicams, DOF equipments.
DIPLOMA IN VIDEO EDITING & VISUAL EFFECTS FOR FILMS, TV (VIDEOS) VIDEO EDITING COURSE INCLUDING LEARNING COMPOSITING SKILLS FOR VIDEO EFFECTS There has been an increase in demand for video editing professionals in media industry due to an increase in the number of production houses, TV channels, film companies, ad agencies, online video sites like YouTube etc. The course is designed in such a manner so as to provide its audience with advanced knowledge related to video and movie editing. Today, video editors are required to have professional bent of mindset which should be, simultaneously, creative while working on different projects.
WRITING COURSE CLASSES CREATIVE WRITING, SCRIPT WRITING & CONTENT WRITING COURSES DELHI Whatever your eventual writing ambitions may be, a wide range of comprehensive courses are the excellent way to begin with. You can do it part-time or just by sitting at home. The most important point at this stage, however, is to get the basics right & an aptitude for writing and that is what is offered by the following different courses offered by R. K. Films & Media Academy. The courses are beneficial for the masses, professionals & students of various streams as communication forms an indispensible part for any organization.
Jesus and Mary College in association with RKFMA offer add-on Certificate Courses of Advertising & Marketing Communications and Media Studies. Jesus And Mary College also offers Camera & Photography Course. Become an extraordinary Photographer after taking our exhaustive Camera & Photography Course which will make you realise how tactfully you can play with your camera to bring you out a priceless photograph. If you are looking to become a Media Entrepreneur or a Media Manager then the Advertising & Marketing Communications Course will be the best thing that will happen to you. We believe that any institute which delivers courses should put into practice whatever they learnt. Our professionals will train you in a way that you will be ready to take up any challenges in the Media Industry.