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Mass Communications is a common major among students in the era where there is a need to communicate to the masses in real time. Mass Communication Course plays a major role in any communications related job. Mass Communication is an integral component of many careers since it prepares you for a variety of job options in broadcast news, public relations, print media and, sales. If you enjoy gathering and reporting news, working as as broadcast news journalist or anchor is a good way to use your mass communication education. If you have an interest in the company, such as investors, as well as people with whom the company wants to do business or create mutually beneficial relationships, such as customers and the media. Then our Mass Communication Course will be put to use in writing press releases, seeking media coverage, attending trade shows and using social media
DIGITAL & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 6 MONTHS CERTIFICATE COURSES In Order to market our products or services we are in need of an intermediate medium to reach to the customers. Digital marketing here stands as a medium between the developer and the consumer in order to increase the sales, target, and audience by using differet strategic ways.