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Today, music can be produced even without using the musical instruments. The reasons behind this are the technological advancements made in the field of music production. A lot of sound studio related equipment (hardware and software) are available which need to synchronize in a judicious manner. The Sound Recording Training would expose our students to the technology adopted in the construction of music for films, TV, advertisements and, music albums, etc. With our professional Sound Recording Course, you will get an introduction to sound and its forms, basic sound editing techniques and, types of sound mixing consoles. Our Sound Recording Course aims at giving knowledge of microphone setup, recording and, working with audio tracks. You will also get a chance to visit professional sound studios with our Sound Recording Workshops.
We offer Sound Editing Course using Adobe Audition which is a digital audio editor computer program from Adobe Systems featuring both a multitrack, non destructive mix or edit environment and a destructive approach waveform editing view. After successfully completing our Sound Editing Course, you will be able to record and edit sound, superimpose the sound files on video presentation and animation, compress the sound files and give special effects to the sound files.
Nuendo is designed to serve the needs for everyone producing sound for film, television, video or game. Nuendo is a complete Media Production suite that is capable of handling virtually any audio ask, whether big or small, from simple voice-over recording, music production, broadcast, game sound, and theatrical productions, to full post-production sound for picture. Nuendo was created to meet the demands of working professionals in all genres of audio production. Our Sound Editing Course covers the introduction and basics of nuendo, audio connections, MIDI, mixer VST and plug-ins. Students aspiring to work as studio recordists can apply for our Sound Editing Course.
Sound recording course at RK Films and Media Academy. Studio oriented classroom sessions. Visit centre located in Karol Bagh. Near Rajendra Place Metro station. Contact 9312237583, 01145064241 Website
There is huge difference in voice quality of a rookie and amateur. At our Sound Engineering Institute, the courses like Radio Jockeying or Anchoring and TV Journalism, the students not only learn to modulate their voice but also gain confidence in the art of public speaking and presentation skills. With our Short Term Training Course in Radio and TV Presentation offered at our Journalism Institute, you will be exposed to the techniques employed in radio jockeying as well as anchoring for live events and television shows with an added advantage of learning news reading complexities.
Animation is a buzzword in today's youngsters who plan to make a lucrative career in media field. Our Animation Institute offers a comprehensive long term and Part Time Diploma courses in Animation and Visual effects which are helpful to make career in TV, Films, IT and Gaming and Mobile Industry. Many times animation has also got associated with the term multimedia which is not exactly true. Multimedia Courses comprise of all media arts, from print, video, audio, sound to web and animation also. Hence, a student normally pursuing a Multimedia Course towards its end specialise nowhere. R K Films and Media Academy realises the need and wants the students to think of making a career into this diversified field of Animation and Visual effects.
Mass Media has become a career preference for a lot of people in the modern world and plays a significant role in communicating and presenting news and information. Mass Media opens new and innovative career options for the masses. Our Mass Media Course aims to give sound knowledge of news and current affairs. Global perspective on various issues helps candidates in obtaining the position of reporter or journalist. After successfully completing our Mass Media Course, you will be able to observe a great change in the concept of people working in Mass Media. Mass Media will not only bring in a great deal of job satisfaction but is also a chance for you to express your creativity.
We will make you realise your flair for Video Editing if your dream is to become a Video Editor. Video Editing career requires being abreast with the latest technological developments happening. We as one of the leading Film and Media Institute will give you full support if you have that deep desire of editing visual media. Our Video Editing and Visual Effects Course will give you hands on practical training on professional editing softwares like Final Cut Pro. You will become a demanding Video Editor who will be able to do any refinement and rearrangement of film, video and, soundtracks after getting a UG or PG Degree in Video Editing and Visual Effects.
Indian Radio industry is a standout amongst the most famous enterprises. There are different radio channels we tune in every day and tune in to our most loved programs. Different RJs welcome us consistently and engage us and converse with us. If you want to become an RJ then your employment would incorporate music programming, scripting, presenting radio shows, radio ads and leading voice to sound magazines and documentaries. There are different superstar Radio Jockeys who are as of now administering the Radio business and you can become the next one too! This is a profession which requires a lot of hard work and presence of mind. You can learn these techniques at RK Films & Media Academy (RKFMA), Delhi