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RK Films and Media Academy is an ideal center of excellence for all your Filmmaking, Acting and Direction aspirations. The in house experts have a valuable experience to train students practically according to their choice and convenience. Filmmaking and Television courses are 1 year courses. RK Films and Media Academy gives either Post Graduation Diploma or Masters Degree in Films and Television Training. We also conduct Workshops for Acting and Modeling in Schools, Colleges and Organizations. Want to know more about our courses?
With our Film and TV Acting Course, you will be exposed to advanced acting skills, including good vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expressiveness and a good sense of perspective or emotional availability. The instructors and trainers are all professional working actors, writers, directors, and producers and veterans of Bollywood and independent film, television, and regional theater. Under our Film and TV Acting School, we have trainers who give each student the personal focus and rigorous discipline necessary for launching a career in film and television. Our Film and TV Acting Institute is on the cutting-edge of actor training because we provide the students with dynamic faculty, filmmaking resources and also short intensive programs so that they can groom themselves into promising artists.
The whole process of making films, documentaries, television aesthetically appealing and pleasing is in the hands of Video Editor. Our Video Editing and Visual Effects Course will give you in-depth training on how you can refine different types of visual media. Post production is a crucial step of getting the final piece of film or tv videos. Under our Video Editing Course, we walk you through different softwares from Avid Liquid to Sony Vegas so that you become more tech savvy imaginative. Our Video Editing Institute offers Video Editing Workshops under diploma and short term courses of Visual Compositing and Special Effects
Our Video Editing Institute facilitates training in different types of software from Avid Liquid to Final Cut Pro. Our Video Editing and Visual Effects Course will motivate you to think creatively, will make your eyes sharp for details and will make your mind more analytical. Our Video Editing Classes will be impactful in terms of learning fundamental as well as aesthetic principles of film and television editing. With our diploma course in Video Editing, you will gain knowledge on right cut and right frame composition.
There is huge difference in voice quality of a rookie and amateur. At our Sound Engineering Institute, the courses like Radio Jockeying or Anchoring and TV Journalism, the students not only learn to modulate their voice but also gain confidence in the art of public speaking and presentation skills. With our Short Term Training Course in Radio and TV Presentation offered at our Journalism Institute, you will be exposed to the techniques employed in radio jockeying as well as anchoring for live events and television shows with an added advantage of learning news reading complexities.
Wondering about what are the possible careers after doing a Graphic Designing and Advertising Course? After successfully passing out from a Graphic Designing or an Advertising Institute, you can open doors to new opportunities. You can enter the advertising industry as an art director who is primarily responsible for the visual design aspects of advertising. Typically working in a creative team with a copywriter, the art director understands concepts and then develops media executions and oversees the production of adverts. After doing a Graphic Designing Course and Advertising Course, those interested to pursue their career as an advertising art director can choose electives such as graphic design, film and television, photography, illustration, web design and multimedia production. Working in the advertising field, you can also choose electives in marketing, consumer behavior, and public relations.
Nuendo is designed to serve the needs for everyone producing sound for film, television, video or game. Nuendo is a complete Media Production suite that is capable of handling virtually any audio ask, whether big or small, from simple voice-over recording, music production, broadcast, game sound, and theatrical productions, to full post-production sound for picture. Nuendo was created to meet the demands of working professionals in all genres of audio production. Our Sound Editing Course covers the introduction and basics of nuendo, audio connections, MIDI, mixer VST and plug-ins. Students aspiring to work as studio recordists can apply for our Sound Editing Course.
There are lakhs of people who want to enter the glamorous field of Acting and Modeling but they are not aware of the qualifications and other criterion required to become an actor or model. With our Acting and Modeling Course you will get an acclaimed position to enter the different circuits of acting and modeling. Approach the career of Acting and Modeling in a proper way and give chance to opportunities to work in theatres, films, television programs and any other storytelling medium.
Whether you prefer to work in front of or behind the camera, a Broadcast Journalism Course is sure to be a rewarding and promising experience. If you prefer to work in front of the camera, local television or radio broadcasting is an option. Positions behind the camera are also popular career choices which include producing, editing, writing and, management. With our Broadcast Journalism Course, you will get to inform the public of breaking news and you will be also able to keep them up to date on the latest trending news. A Broadcast Journalism Course also makes you skilled enough to report on stories to improve the lives of viewers. Strengthen your interests, skills and, personality traits with our Broadcast Journalism Course.